Other Luck Schemes

Schemes That Work

You can use almost any other scheme with "Your Lucky Times," such as those for:

  • Generating lucky numbers
  • Wheeling numbers to save your gambling money

Many of the state lottery and multistate lottos, such as MegaMillions and Powerball, have Random Number Generators. You can use them with "Your Lucky Times" lucky days too!

Schemes That Don't Work

There are a couple of prominent pieces of luck software that do not work:

  • "Lucky Days" software offered by Adrian
  • "Winning Times" software offered by Matrix Software

We have backtested them extensively with millionaire lottery winner birth data and they did not work. They did NOT predict the days when these individuals would win. Only "Your Lucky Times" has been designed to predict the days when you are most likely to win money. And it has the Double Your Money Back Guarantee. Get it today!


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